Educational offers

HyNoon with hydrogen and fuel cell.

The h2 network ruhr and the zdi centre MINT.REgio developed an offer for pupils from years 9 to 11. With an introductory presentation and practical experiments the young people are being informed about the hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the context of the energy revolution. The pupils get to visit the wind energy hydrogen and battery based energy complementary system which provides a self-sufficient renewable supply for the building. Relevant professional fields will be presented and ideally an industrial association members explains his/her view on the matter.

The program lasts about four hours and takes place in the rooms of the user centre h2herten on the site of the coal mine Ewald. It is divided in two parts, and the group can choose one of the following options for the second part, depending on their interest level:

  • Recording of characteristics curves

  • Geo-caching for the energy revolution around the centre’s location

Should you like more information in the offer, we would be happy to provide you with such. Please contact us for an appointment. The number of dates are limited – especially for groups from outside the Ruhr valley.