Positive results for the first half of the year

The chairman of the h2-netzwerk-ruhr, Volker Lindner, is satisfied with the first half of 2019 for the h2-netzwerk-ruhr. In the semi-annual report he notes that the h2-netzwerk-ruhr has developed a number of activities which have promoted the acceptance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology especially in politics, as well as strengthened the technology in the Ruhr area.

In his semi-annual report Volker Lindner mentions the participation of the h2-network-ruhr in the “Ruhr Conference” of the state government as one of the most important activities, as well as lectures at important institutions such as the plenary meeting of In4Climate.NRW, the Business Metropole Ruhr or the WIN Emscher-Lippe. One of the committees that shape the structural change in the Emscher-Lippe region is the “Umbau 21” advisory board, which meets under the chairmanship of NRW Economics Minister Prof. Andreas Pinkwart. Here, too, the network was able to contribute with a longer lecture and promote hydrogen as an important energy carrier of the future. The report lists the reception of delegations, the opening of the H2 filling station in Herten and the successful recruitment of new members as further important events.


Focus on communication with members for the second half of the year

For the second half of 2019 Volker Lindner aims to increase communication as a focal point of the work of h2-netzwerk-ruhr. “We are enormously acticve”, says Lindner, “but our members have to know that too”. h2-network-ruhr also plans to inquire about its members’ expectations.

The complete semi-annual report in German can be found here.