Digital brochure for fleet operators of H2 Mobility

„H2 – Hydrogen takes us forward“

A new digital brochure by H2 Mobility combines all the important information about hydrogen vehicles for fleet operators. Beside an overview of the latest models in this sector, the catalogue  with the title „H2 – hydrogen takes us forward“ also offers an insight into the trendsetting technology of hydrogen propulsion, the expansion of the filling station grid and funding opportunities. The life-cycle assessment, costs and consumption are all subjects in this brochure.

 PFD for download: H2M_Basiswissen_Flottenbetreiber_2018_06_11

The enterprises behind H2 Mobility are Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and TOTAL. These companies pool their competence to further the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure – there will be 100 stations by 2019. H2 Mobility is a member of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) with the aim to support research and the development of the hydrogen industry.